Study at Bushido Japanese Language and Culture School in Mikuriya, Daisen-cho and get a discounted stay at the recently opened RichiYado Guesthouse, just a two minute walk from our school. Share a room with a fellow student or opt for your own room. Traditional tatami matting and building design. Features a large kitchen for your use and has a very large garden to relax in. Situated just a one minute walk from a lively fishing harbour in the beautiful Miho Bay.

Easy access: Just 600 metres from JR Nawa Station on the San'in Main Line.

Entrance to RichiYado Guesthouse

Entrance to RichiYado Guesthouse

Mikuriya at sunset. Arrow shows position of RichiYado.

Mikuriya at sunset. Arrow shows position of RichiYado.


If you prefer your own space, we can arrange a weekly hotel or apartment at a discounted price.

Homestay with Japanese Family:

Subject to availiability.


Bushido Japanese Language and Cultural School is based in Mikuriya, Daisen-cho in the west of Tottori Prefecture.

The house is served by JR Nawa Station. Yonago Station to Nawa Station is 22mins.

Bus: OSAKA – YONAGO - approx 4 hours

Train: OSAKA – NAWA(via Kurayoshi) – approx 4 hours, OKAYAMA - NAWA (via Yonago) -approx 3 hours.

Air: TOKYO HANEDA – YONAGO KITARO AIRPORT– approx  75mins (then one hour by bus and train or private pick-up).