-  Saturday 2nd July 2016 - Day One

Meet at the hotel in Asahikawa, Hokkaido's second city. We'll have a group meeting at our hotel, before heading out for an included dinner. 

Cycling: 0km  
Breakfast:  ×   Lunch:  ×   Dinner:  〇  
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Sunday 3rd July - Day Two

From Asahikawa, we ride out along side the Ishikawa River and through Horokanai, the largest buckweat production area in Japan. Tonight we will stay in a cabin with its own hot spring. 

Cycling: 59km  
Breakfast:    Lunch:   ×  Dinner:  ×   
Type of stay: Cabin


-  Monday 4th July - Day Three

Today's course see us skirt Lake Shumarinai, Japan's largest man-made lake. The area is the least inhabited place in Japan where temperatures sometimes hit -42C degrees in winter! A traditional hot spring inn with delicious food awaits our arrival. 

Cycling: 72km  
Breakfast:    Lunch:  ×  Dinner:    
Type of stay: Ryokan


-  Tuesday 5th July - Day Four

A long but stunning ride today. We follow the Teshio River, passing through many ranches. Wildlife is abundant in this area, both on the ground and in the sky. We have an overnight stay the famous Toyotomi Onsen, Japanese northernmost hot spring town. Naturally occurring oils in the spring water are believed to be a cure for a number of atopic ailments.

Cycling: 100kms  
Breakfast:    Lunch:  ×  Dinner:  ×  
Type of stay: Ryokan


-  Wednesday 6th July - Day Five

Cycle across the Sarobetsu Plain, an area famous for its wild flowers and abundance of wildlife, and then north along the Sea of Japan coast to Japan's northernmost city, Wakkanai. Across the water we can enjoy views of Rishiri Island, often compared to Mt. Fuji due to its conical shape. 

Cycling: 85km  
Breakfast:    Lunch:  ×  Dinner:  ×  
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Thursday 7th July - Day Six

After an early breakfast, we take a ferry across Rishiri Island, looming across the bay. We will cycle near empty roads and do some walking on this beautiful and remote island. Tonight we will spend a night at a hotel on the island's southwestern coast.

Cycling: 38km   
Breakfast:    Lunch: ×  Dinner:   
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Friday 8th July - Day Seven

We will complete our loop course of Rishiri before catching a ferry across to Rebun Island, known as "Wild Flower Paradise". We will do some cycling and easy hiking, exploring the beautiful interior with breathtaking views of mainland Hokkaido. Later we will take a boat back to Wakkanai. 

Cycling: 26km (plus hiking)  
Breakfast:   Lunch:  ×  Dinner: ×  
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Saturday 9th July - Day Eight

A morning ferry takes us back to the mainland. We continue our journey north, cycling along the coast of Soya Bay. In clear conditions it is possible to see Sakhalin, Russia. As the road curves gently to the right, we reach Cape Soya, the northern most point of Japan and our goal!

Cycling: 45km  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: 〇  
Type of stay: Minshuku


-  Sunday 10th July - Day Eight

The tour finished after breakfast today. Nearby Wakkanai airport has daily flights to Tokyo, whilst Sapporo can be reached by express train in 5 hours.

Cycling: 0km  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: x  
Type of stay: x

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