The San-in Region, Japan: 'Land of the Gods'

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Adventurer's Paradise

The San’in Region is the perfect place to immerse yourself in traditional Japanese countryside and culture. Found off the beaten track on the Sea of Japan, it is a place of great beauty, ancient history and inspirational landscapes. It is the spiritual centre of this ancient nation. The people who live in the Tottori and Shimane Prefectures that make up the San’in Region welcome visitors with rural hospitality and warmth. There is no Shinkansen (bullet train) to the region, and until recently no Starbucks or 7-Eleven Convenience store in Tottori. The pace of life is slower and the local population the lowest in Japan. The remoteness and lack of mass tourism bring ample rewards and makes it an ideal destination for the adventurous traveller. With sacred mountains, primeval forests and a protected coastline the San-in is an active and outdoors-loving travellers dream. 

Land of the Gods

The San-in features heavily in the Kojiki, the oldest surviving chronicle of the mythical origins of Japan and its gods, and is seen as the birthplace of Japan. At its centre is the majestic Mt. Daisen. Formerly known as Okamiyama (The Great God Mountain), the mountain was seen as the wooden stake at the very centre of the country from which the Gods cast a rope and pulled in the land masses which make up Japan. The Izumo Taisha Shinto Shrine in the west of the San-in is for the many the most important shrine in Japan.

Visit the San-in for these things and much more:

  • Japan’s number-one ranked garden for the last 15 years in a row at the Adachi Art Museum

  • World-class hiking and cycling at Mount Daisen

  • An ancient pilgrimage site at the incredible Mitoku-san

  • Stunning coastline within a Unesco Geo-Park

  • The beautiful and historic Oki Islands, former place of exile for cloistered Emperors

  • An original castle in Matsue, one of only 12 remaining in Japan

  • The country's most important shrine at Izumo

  • Countless opportunities to immerse yourself in beautiful nature rich in endemic species such as the Japanese giant salamander

  • The impressive Tottori Sand Dunes.

  • Some of best cycling routes in Asia.

The San-in Region of Japan is the least populated area of the country. Here you can find the spiritual and legendary origins of this unique and ancient nation, away from the crowds of the other tourist sites. Join the region's number-one expert for a short tour or one day trip. Please contact us for more details.

Your Japanese adventure awaits you in the San-in Region! 

Japan Tours

Cycle Rural Japan: 

10-day Ancient Coastal Journey through the serene San-in Region, legendary birthplace of Japan

Join Japan-expert and cycling guide Richard Pearce for a special tour through the San-in Region of Japan; a region of stunning beauty, rich in history and folklore, and of significant spiritual importance.


from Mountaintop to Peninsula end


Freewheel down the mountain all the way to the Sea of Japan. At the seashore, cycle along a newly opened coastal cycle path that takes us to the Mihonoseki Lighthouse via Ejima Bridge, the third largest of its kind in the world, and the small island of Eshima.