From Mountaintop to Peninsula Tip: 

A one-day Cycling tour from the highlands of Mount Daisen to Mihonoseki at the tip of the Shimane Peninsula

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2019 Dates: October 26th - november 4th

Tour Outline:

Join regional expert and cycling guide Richard Pearce for a special one-day tour from the highlands of Mount Daisen to the end of the Mihonoseki Peninsula . This incredibly beautiful route traverses an area that many Japanese believe to be a “power-spot”, because of its deeply spiritual background. According to the Kojiki (an ancient book of Japanese myths and legends), Mount Daisen is the very center and origin of Japan. The mountain was a stake in the ground and the Mihonseki Peninsula was a rope attached to it. The Gods cast the rope out and pulled in the land masses which form the archipelago of Japan. Additionally, Mihoneseki Shrine is the main Ebisu shrine in all of Japan. Ebisu is the God of fishermen and the ocean. In olden times thousand and thousands of ships and sailors visited each year for blessings.

At the seashore, we cycle along a newly opened coastal cycle path that takes us to the Mihonoseki Lighthouse via Ejima Bridge, the third largest of its kind in the world, and the small island of Eshima. 

There are a number of great tours that roll down the mountain, from top to bottom. However, this a tour that showcases the views FROM the mountain and the views OF the beautiful mountain itself, seen from the various angles. The tour itself is a little longer and a little harder than the mountain top-to-bottom tours. However, if you enjoy some level of sporting activity we think this is the tour for you. We consider the tour difficulty level to be Easy–Medium, 2/5

Route Profile

Route Profile


  • Freewheel from the summit of the Mount Daisen down to the Sea of Japan.

  • Cycle on cycling tracks and picturesque roads along the stunning Sea of Japan Coast.

  • Visit the incredible Mihonseki Shrine.

  • Cycle over the world-famous Ejima Bridge.


Total distance:          75.5kms

Group Size:                2 – 6

Difficulty level: Easy–Medium: 2/5

Tour cost:                   13,000 Japanese Yen per person

Tour duration:          Approx. 6 hours

What’s included:      Bicycle rental
                                      Guide and support vehicle  
                                      Helmet hire

What's not:                Lunch
                                      Personal travel insurance

For Bookings or enquires, please contact Richard Pearce by email at or use the CONTACT tab at the top of the page.

We look forward to sharing our passion for Japan and cycling with you!!