see Japanese giant salamanders in the wild and help conduct vital research with the world’s leading Giant salamander expert!


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TAke a rare OPPORTUNITY to see giant salamanders in the wild and help with their survival

The elusive and mysterious Japanese giant salamander is considered a living dinosaur and is one of only three species of giant salamander in the world. The future survival of these gentle giants is under threat through habitat degradation and the impact of invasive species. Thanks to its isolation, Nichinan Town in the rural prefecture of Tottori has a relatively stable and healthy population of giant salamanders. Join the world’s leading Japanese giant salamander expert Dr. Okada in Nichinan, to conduct vital research in their natural environment. This is a rare opportunity to see the salamanders up close in the wild and help contribute to their long-term survival. Please click on the link below for the Nichinan Japanese Giant Salamander Conservation Experience.

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You can also contribute to the survival of the salamanders and the work of the Tottori Giant Salamander Foundation of Japan by purchasing one of our t-shirts!! The t-shirts are supported by the awesome Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness TV Crew who visited us in 2018! Please click the link below. Thanks for your support!

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The Tottori Giant Salamander Foundation of Japan was established in 2018 by Dr. Sumio Okada (Hanzaki Research Institute) and Richard Pearce (Bushido Japan).

鳥取オオサンショウウオ基金は、岡田 純 博士(日本ハンザキ研究所)とリチャード・ピアス(Bushido Japan)によって、2018年に設立されました。

The primary objectives of the foundation are:

  • To raise awareness of the plight of the Japanese giant salamanders and the conservation steps necessary to secure their future existence in Tottori and beyond.

  • To create and provide funding necessary for Dr. Okada’s research and for resources necessary for the conservation efforts of the Japanese giant salamander.


  • オオサンショウウオの置かれている悲惨な状況と、保全の為の段階的な取り組みに対する人々の意識を高めることで、鳥取だけでなく他地域にもおけるオオサンショウウオ生存の確保に繋げる。

  • 岡田(純)博士の研究、またオオサンショウウオの保護に必要な基金を作る。