-   Monday 22nd February 2015 - Day One

Meet at Kyoto, a 90-minute train ride from Kansai Airport. We'll have a group meeting, before heading out for some delicious local cuisine.

Cycling: 0km
Breakfast:  x    Lunch:   x     Dinner:   x
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Tuesday 23rd February - Day Two

Cycling tour of Kyoto, stopping at some famous sights along the way. 

Cycling: 22km
Breakfast:  〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: x  
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Wednesday 24th February - Day Three

Cycle from Kyoto to Uji, stopping of at the World Heritage Byodion Temple. From here we will take a train for 30 minutes to Nara. 

Cycling: 25km  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: x  
Type of stay: Hotel of Japanese style


-  Thursday 25th February - Day Four

Leisurely cycling tour of Nara, visiting many World Heritage temples and Nara Park, home to around 1200 sacred and very charismatic deer! In the late afternoon we transfer to Fukuyama by express train. 

Cycling: 25kms  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: x
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Friday 26th February - Day Five

Visit to Fukuyama Castle before starting our island hopping expedition. We will head to Yuge Island, via Tomonoura, a town with a history of more than 1000 years. From here, we will take a very special, local boat to the next island. When we raise a flag at the port, the boat comes to pick us up!

Cycling: 65km  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: x  
Type of stay: Japanese-style hotel


-  Saturday 27th February - Day Six

Yuge Island to Omishima Island, making a stop at Oyamazumi Shrine. The shrine's museum displays a number of historically famous fighter's swords. One of today's highlights is the crossing of Tatara-osahi, the fifth longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. 

Cycling: 65km  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: 〇
Type of stay: Ryokan


-  Sunday 28th February - Day Seven

Omishima to Imabari. We have a nice climb today to reach the top of Mt. Kirousan. Here we can enjoy fantastic views of the Inland Sea and the Kurushima- Kaikyo bridges. In Imabari we will visit Imabari-jo, a very photogenic, waterfront castle.

Cycling: 42km  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: 〇
Type of stay: Hotel


-  Monday 29th February - Day Eight

Imabari to Hiroshima. We start by taking a local ferry from Imabari to Okamura. Next we cycle... We will say "bye bye" to Niwa-san at Nigata station and take a train to Hiroshima. After freshening up, let's head out for some delicious Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima's most famous dish) and perhaps some celebratiory karaoke! "We are the champions", anyone?!

Cycling: 50km  
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner:〇
Type of stay: Hotel

-  Tuesday 1st March - Day Nine

Tour finishes today. Optional walking tour of Hiroshima before heading our separate ways. 

Cycling: 45km
Breakfast:〇  Lunch: ×  Dinner: x
Type of stay: No accommodation provided today.